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  5. Hello Amanda,

    Kommichiwa from Japan!

    We are Rich and Joan Bailey, RPCVs and current English teachers at Tokai University in Kanagawa, Japan. I was a PCV in Fiji as a high school science teacher from 1991-1993. We served together as English teachers in Kazakhstan from 1997-1999. We have been living and teaching in Japan since 2009.

    We are coming to Kathmandu on March 2nd, primarily for me to attend and present at the Nepal English Language Teachers Association (NELTA) 21st annual conference, March 7-9. I will also be presenting at Tribhuvan University and participating in a Teachers Helping Teachers mini-conference/workshop outside of Kathmandu the following weekend for teachers who cannot attend the NELTA conference.

    Joan is also writer (and gardener/farmer) about farmers markets, organic farming, permaculture and other related topics. (http://www.japanfarmersmarkets.com/) Her main goal one our first trip to Nepal is to meet people involved in farming, permaculture, etc.. During our time in Kathmandu, we will be staying for part of the time at Sunrise farm (http://www.himalayanpermaculture.com/#/sunrise-farm/4532754592) - part of the Himalayan Permaculture Center.

    After the conference, we have approximately a week of free time and are hoping to connect with people outside Kathmandu that are working in similar areas.

    In researching about Nepal, we read about Peace Corps Nepal and the Food Security program. We are hoping to connect with and perhaps visit PCVs in the field to learn about their projects and how we could support them. Our time in the Peace Corps was an amazing experience, and we are hopeful to see how other PCVs are continuing the good work in other lands and other ways. We also remember how nice it was to have someone come to understand and appreciate our work. We can bring Japanese treats! Sorry, the sushi wouldn't stay fresh, so it will have to be something else...

    We reached out to the PC office in Nepal and have plans to meet with them when we are in Kathmandu. In terms of contacting PCVs directly, they understandably do not want to give out personal contact information. They did suggest that we reach out to PCVs via their own websites.

    So, I have written this (form) letter and am emailing it to and posting it on blogs and websites of Nepal Peace Corps Volunteers. If you are interesting in meeting with us and sharing your experiences, we would love to talk to you about the details. And if you know of any other PCVs that might be interested, please share this message from us.


    Rich and Joan Bailey

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